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What is WAP gateway?

Wap gateway is a software system that helps web-enabled wireless devices to communicate to Internet web sites and applications. A WAP gateway/proxy sits between mobile devices using the WAP/Wireless HTTP-TCP protocol and the World Wide Web, passing data from one to the other much like a proxy.

Who needs a WAP gateway?

In order to access Internet resources from a web-enabled wireless device you need a WAP gateway service. Wap-Gateway.com provides public services that works with all compatible mobile browsers. Wap-Gateway.com service can be used by mobile developers to test their sites.

Can I access the any website/content via your WAP gateway?

No. You can not access any website/content via our wap gateway. You can access only the partner sites/mobile applications with which we have a tie up with to allow users free access to this specific partner sites/mobile applications.

If you are looking for an alternative Wap Proxy/Wap Gateway to your mobile operators wap/gprs/data services then you can try the services of WapGateway.net which is a paid service for as low as 1 US $ per month.

Do I need a data/gprs plan from my mobile carrier/operator provider?

Yes you do. Most operators have at least two different APNs, the default WAP APN (ex. VodaFone Live) provides a limited connectivity that can only make connections through the operator's WAP gateway. Mostly this is enabled by default on the SIM card. They also have another Internet APN that provides full internet connectivity (ex. VodaFone Mobile Connect). To use an external WAP gateway like ours, you need to use an APN that provides full internet connectivity..

How is it different from the service provided by my mobile carrier/operator?

When you obtain your wap/gprs/data access from your mobile carrier/operator, you are limited by the features of that mobile carrier's/operator's proxy server, as well as any other limits the mobile carrier/operator decides. Wap-Gateway.com is an open alternative to the telecom gateway services that can be used by users throughout the world for their browsing and development purposes.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, Wap-Gateway.com service is provided absolutely free of charge.

Are there any warranties for this service?

We do not provide any warranties for this service. We operate this site as a free public version of the system and all users should treat this service accordingly.

Are secure connections supported? WTLS? SSL?

No, Wap-Gateway.com does not provide any cryptography solutions since a third-party gateway cannot be considered a secure communications option.


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